March 31, 2022

Release Notes April 2022

Beta is here 🥳
We are now rolling out a version of Silverbucket that includes the beta version of the upcoming user interface for those that are interested to be part of the early adopters.

More information on how to sign in for beta testing by reading our newsletters :)
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Drags to drops 💎
I want to highlight couple of things for you and first of them is that you can now drag a resource from one group to another. For example you can drag a person from a task to another task or from a role to another role.

Fast and easy. You can even drag a resource from project to another!
image.png 540.73 KB

Another thing that is even more powerful than before is the so called quick edit of allocations. But if that is quick in the current interface - I dare to declare that the upcoming one is the autobahn of resourcing.

You can select multiple allocation slots with a single click 'n' drag!
image.png 808.47 KB

And with couple of more clicks and drags you can alter the selected area to be more complicated than just a simple boxshaped selection. This sure is next level stuff for making allocations and I'm excited about it. 🙂
image.png 447.6 KB

Better visuals

And there is a lot more to come. Just around the corner are newly polished competencies which will be available for the beta testers very soon.

image.png 415.98 KB