SYNC-View: Competency

When importing data to Silverbucket it is vital to keep the structure identical to the example datasheet to ensure a flawless import:

- First row contains the names of the headers - it is not necessary to edit the first row.
- Second row in your file is where your data starts to get imported
- Columns need to be in the same exact order as in the examples
- Rows after the default structure's last column are never read / handled when importing
- Never have hidden columns in your data sheets

What data is this integration used for

- Competencies and categories for these competencies

After import you can find the integrated data in the admin view's Competencies tab. Competencies can be added to users of Silverbucket to map their skills and abilities in the company.

Integration's data fields

col. A
Name of the competency
Name of the competency category

The example file in the screenshot will integrate / create the following:

Example data

1) a competency called 'English language' under the 'Language Skills' category
2) a competency called 'JAVA' under the 'Coding Skills' category
3) a competency called 'PYTHON' under the 'Coding Skills' category
4) a competency called 'Customer Relations' with no category
5) Row 6 is not handled; competency is not filled in the data

Rules & basic principles of this integration

If the data structure was correct, you can see the outcome in Silverbucket right after the upload. Navigate to the admin-view and its 'Competency' tab, for example:

Under the Coding Skills -category we can see our freshly imported categories

competency_import.csv 37 Bytes

competency_import_exampleRow.csv 68 Bytes
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