RI - Competency Analysis

Competency Analysis is located under RI (Resourcing Intelligence) in the main navigation bar.

September 2019 update brought us a brand-new resourcing aspect; Resourcing Intelligence

Competency analysis uses the current competency data and users' current resourcing situation in its calculations. It allows you to analyze your company's current and future competency situations and identify possible bottlenecks in your company.

You can filter the results based on your needs, just like in other Silverbucket's views.

By hovering over the results you get detailed information about the resourcing situation.

In this example we have our AR&D_1 -competency users overbooked

By hiring hiring a person with AR&D_1 -skill into our company we can address this example situation for week 47.

Blue bar indicates an OK situation.
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