Projects > Listing & Projects > Allocations

Silverbucket's Projects views offer you data from the projects' point of view.

Projects > Listing gathers an overview of projects and their metadata such as project's name, customer, type etc..

Projects > Allocations shows an overview of allocations for the searched projects.

Example of projects' resourcing situation in a graph

Filters in Projects > Listing & Projects > Allocations

Filtering options

The filters in Projects views can be separated into two main categories:

- Filters that narrow down the listed projects in the results (circled with orange, three columns on the left)
- Filters that narrow down the listed projects' allocation data (circled with blue, one column on the right)

Projects > Listing

Projects > Listing offers you a view of your projects based on chosen filters. The list can be sorted in different ways by clicking the headers:

- Basic info
- Numbers (readiness, manual readiness, hour budget, actuals, reservations, expense budget)
- Risks (all the risks added for the project)
- Risk history (simple logging data regarding risk history)

You can also export the data in .CSV and .XLSX by clicking the export icon located top-right of the listing.

An example list of projects. Clicking the header allows you to sort your data accordingly

Projects > Allocations

Projects > Allocations produces you a list of projects according to the chosen filters. The list offers you information about those projects and their resourcing situations. In the same list you can modify the resourcing situation for any of the projects visible.

You can also do resourcing in this view and - for example - add multiple people to the project at the same time.

Project's allocation view

You can also export the data in .CSV and .XLSX by clicking the export-icon located top-right of the listing.

In both of these views you can use the Project Mass Edit -tool to edit masses of projects at once.
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