Backlog reports allocations. Backlog can be used to see allocations by organizations, customers, projects or invoicing methods.
Grouping is found in the top-right corner of the graph.

You can export the data by clicking the excel-icon.

Basics of data calculation for the Backlog report

  • Tentative allocations are never included.
  • Unassigned roles are included.
  • Allocations made for planned projects (0-99% probability) are included.

Common Filters section

Substract non-invoiceable reservations = Using this slider will substract the reserved capacity for non-invoiceable & absence projects from total capacity and free capacity in the graph

Substract externals = Using this slider will substract all externals' capacity from the graph's total capacity and free capacity values

Group by project's organization = Define if the allocations should be grouped depending on the person's organization or the projectrole's organization.

Active = Project's organization is used
Inactive = Person's organization is used
For unassigned roles the project's organization is always used.
An example of a Backlog-report's numbers
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