Activity Feed

The main purpose of Activity Feed is to log, collect and report all sorts of different data regarding resourcing, comments and changes of a project. Activity Feed is located both on person's dashboard and project's dashboard.

Activity feed is color-coded to make it easier to quickly glance what kind of log entry you are viewing. Activity Feed can be filtered based on this information by using the sliders or by giving a time range - or both.


Silverbucket has a simple Risks tool built-in for projects. The Activity Log tracks all of these entries in yellow color and creates rows with all the information that was added, edited or deleted regarding risks.
A risk was deleted, a Budget risk with description was added, a Schedule risk was added and after that the Schedule risk's impact was re-evaluated

Journal entries

Journal is a new feature which will be usable as the UI rework of Silverbucket progresses.


Resourcing data will probably be the most logged thing in the Activity Log. It is color-coded with green color and tracks all the movements regarding resourcing. It shows the target project role, adjustment to resourcing, which mode and type was used when resourced etc.

It is important to pay attention to the time mode and resourcing mode used, see examples below:
Matthew resourced himself for 100% for May and June in monthly mode, then fixed his June's allocations from 100% to 50%

Matthew also resourced Mark Evans for 32 hours for June. After that, Matthew resourced Mark for 110% for the week that starts 7th of August.


The blue section shows log entries regarding the Project's information, such as Basic Information. If any of this is edited, the log will write a row for it.

Budget added and afterwards fixed. Program and description added.

When you hover over the description "..." you can see the value inserted in full.

By hovering your mouse over the dots, you can see the description in full.

Project Roles

Project role data is color-coded with pink color. It shows data regarding project roles, whether it is adding a project role, editing a project role or removing an existing project role.

Here Matthew has first removed a role and then added another person to the project, Nora. Nora's role was adjusted from Documentation Specialist to Subcontractor afterwards.


Tasks come with a purple color. Once again, changes made to Project's Tasks will be shown here in the Activity feed.

Two tasks were created. Afterwards, one task's name was edited and the activity status of the task "Non-Billable" was adjusted from Yes to No
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