General Information

Silverbucket is a cloud service for resource management which suits all organisations working on projects - regardless of the branch they operate in. With the help of a user-friendly resourcing tool you can get a clear view of the company’s resource allocations, which contributes to a better project planning and execution of projects.

Silverbucket’s Philosophy

In Silverbucket resource allocations are managed between three cornerstones: a role, a person and a project. Resource allocations are always made for a role in projects and the role can be assigned to a certain person. The role can also be left unassigned to inform a certain know-how is needed for the project.

Main Concepts Behind Resource Allocations (Project Types)

Resourcing is always made for a person or a role in a project - so the projects play an important part in Silverbucket. There are three project types that have different functional meanings: absence, non-invoiceable and invoiceable projects. All work is considered as projects in order to identify the total amount of resource allocation needs on different projects.

Absence projects reflect holidays
Non-invoiceable projects mean internal work, such as internal meetings, trainings etc
Invoiceable projects are used for the actual project work

Projects also have a probability-rate, which you can set manually for the project. 100% probability means that the project is in production - less than 100% probability-rate means that the project is a planned project with a certain probability.

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