October 21, 2021

Release Notes October 2021

We are working on something awesome

You might already be aware that we are working on a complete rework on the user interface of Silverbucket. But it is not just for shiny things. It is to create even better user experience with smoother transitions and easy to use tools.

For example there is quick editing allocations. It is already used as a main tool for resource changes by many of you. And it will be even better in the upcoming version. 
  • You can select multiple slots smoothly by click and hold.
  • You can use more dynamic ways of resourcing by options like Max and Budg.*

No worries

Your Silverbucket interface won't simply change overnight. You will first have possibility to try out the upcoming interface while still working with the current one. And even that is not yet possible. But we will tell you when you can try out the upcoming awesomeness.

* Max and Budg. Max will use all the free capacity that the person does have, ending up to 100% of the user's capacity but not overallocating if the user has some other projects going on simultaneous. Budg. will use hour budget set up for the projectrole at hand and you can simply divide the planned budget over the selected time.