May 20, 2020

Release Notes - May 2020

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The new project participant grouping is finally live. We have been working on this new way of showing and grouping the allocations within a single project for a while and now it is here. With this grouping you have option to view project allocations on different levels:
  • Without grouping: this is the traditional view where every role is on their own row
  • Grouping by people: handy if people are working in multiple roles within a project
  • Grouping by roles: are you interested on what is the total workload of designers on a project?
  • Grouping by tasks: are you interested on task level allocations? This is for you
Further reading: here

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There is also completely new tab available for allocations where the allocation related facts are shown for the chosen grouping level as data table. There is both hour and value specific tabs available.

Further reading: here