March 03, 2019

Release Notes - March 2019

New features

  • Functionality to fulfill unassigned roles based on competency requirements
  • Free capacity indicator on allocation grid
  • Store your own custom filter sets
  • Smaller usability tuning on resourcing requests
  • Projectrole's progress graph is getting slight facelift

Stored filter sets
Filter sets can be stored for easier use. It is now possible to set application wide public filter sets and your own private filter sets.

Free capacity indicator
There is now a red area on allocation grid that indicates the overload area. White area is the free capacity for the selected user.
On top here we are seeing the allocations (95%) made for this project, also visible with traditional blue area.
On bottom are the total allocations over all projects for this user. (100%, 5%, 95%)

Projectrole's progress numbers

These numbers are now unified with project's progress numbers.