October 03, 2019

Release Notes - November 2019

This month we are upgrading our invoice pricing features in Silverbucket. We are not planning on taking anything out at this point but there testing a concept for different pricegroups. At first this feature is used by integrations and later on within the UI itself.

New features
  • Invoice price groups for handling forecast prices within a project faster
  • More user friendly form for handling project mapping
  • Other smaller UI improvements

Invoice price groups

For the first time there is a pricing concept that overlaps both forecast pricing and actual pricing. You can associate people with different dynamic price groups say A, B and C. Then you may configure a price for different groups which can vary from project to project. This price will affect both forecast prices and realization prices which makes this convenient for simple cases.

In this first step this is usable only via API while of course the resulting prices are visible all around the UI.

Improved project mapping modal

Earlier you had to write down project extra codes by yourself and that was not very handy. We improved this modal so that you can now either choose a) which projects are linked to this one or b) which project this one is linked to. Using a simple project dropdown that you are familiar with.

Project mapping is used only when importing actual hours to Silverbucket - at least for now.
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